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Get revolutionary visual retirement software


This proven sales tool visually engages your prospects, gets them leaning forward, and interested in hearing your advice.


Tired of planning reports that confuse your prospects? Spreadsheets and long reports cause massive confusion. Confusion means "Let me think about it"...


You can build a client's retirement picture from scratch in 10 minutes. We're not kidding. This thing is really easy to learn and use. So easy have your assistant do it!


Complicated software is no fun. Don’t be held back.
You were designed for more.

The ball is on the ground...."Let me think about it"


RED Means Your Client is Out of Money! - BAM!

YOU: Show them their picture and then ask, "Is that what you were planning?" Then wait for their response... your client's response will be "priceless" and well worth the uncomfortable silent wait.
YOUR CLIENT: "No, that's why I am meeting with you Mr. Advisor...Can you help me fix this?"

RED means your client is out of money!


Avoid Confusion

Ditch the over-complicated software and spreadsheets. SHOW them, don’t tell them with RetirementView Pro.

Eliminate Boredom

Engage your prospects with a VISUAL colorful RetirementView picture that clearly and concisely shows their retirement.

Close More Prospects

Personalize your advice on their own RetirementView PICTURE so that selling is effortless. They ask YOU how to move forward.

Accurate & Comprehensive

27 years of work. Time-tested calculations. Covers ANY situation you can think of all in one easy to understand picture.


That's the year we started working on this software. Time-tested calculations. Thousands of man hours of work.


  • Over 28 years in business.
  • Thousands of advisors and agents rescued from bad software.
  • More than $1 TRILLION re-positioned with our software.


Who this is NOT for....


1. Get RetirementView

easy to start...

2. Learn It Fast

simple to learn...

3. Close More Prospects

show them visually...


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Per year


Choose the perfect plan

We offer several plans that fit any budget.
(way cheaper than those Big Boyz out there charging you an arm and a leg)

Be Your Client's Retirement Hero...

Because planning software can be so complicated, financial advisors are losing more prospects and time because of confusion and lack of clarity. 

With RetirementView in your toolbox, you’ll be able to clearly and concisely show prospects their retirement and how to solve their problems, so that you can grow your practice faster than ever before….

At Torrid Tech we know that you want to be the “Retirement Hero” for your clients.

In order to do that, you need software that makes it easy to show client’s their retirement picture.

The problem is most software is too complicated – which makes you feel like a failure.

We believe life is too short. You shouldn’t waste so much time on hard to use software.

You don’t have to be a tech genius to wow your clients with stunning, easy-to-understand graphics, which is why we have helped thousands of advisors learn how to effortlessly build retirement pictures for their clients.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Get your RetirementView software for Mac or Windows.
  2. Watch a simple 20 minute training video.
  3. Start closing more prospects and solidifying client relationships.

So, get your RetirementView now. And in the meantime, on this page you can download our report on “How to DOUBLE Your Production Even in Tough Times”.

So you can stop losing prospects from confusion and overwhelm and instead close more business and grow your practice…

You too can be your client’s RETIREMENT HERO!

I doubled my closing ratio in just a couple of months using RetirementView Pro.”

Alan Cantrell

Financial Advisor - ARKANSAS


Hey Mr. Financial Advisor,

(Yes I’m talking to you)

After helping THOUSANDS of financial advisors and insurance agents, we created this report that boils down a lot of what we’ve learned in the last 28 years!

YOU can learn and apply these strategies in your own practice, quickly and easily.  Download the report now!

P.S. If you are getting ready to retire and don’t want to grow your practice, then this report is DEFINITELY not for you.

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FREE: "How to DOUBLE Your Closing Ratio, even in Tough Times"

So easy a CHILD could do it..... (yes we're serious)...

...OK well ... it definitely is easy...

Our friends' cute kid Mack Mack whipping up a retirement plan....(OK well if you can fill-in-the-blanks you can build one of these easily)
Turks & Caicos

Random travel photo... (enjoy!)

This is a long web page so thought we would give you some eye candy…

Frequently asked questions

It is a software program that is used to quickly, easily and visually build retirement plans for your clients and prospects. 

No it is a real software program that you install. Runs on all Mac® and Windows® computers. Runs on Windows® tablets as well, but unfortunately not native to iPads®. More secure than cloud apps.

Yes it really is.  If you can fill-in-the-blanks then you can build a retirement plan for anyone you meet in 10-15 minutes.

Yes because it is so easy. The Pro version is for financial advisors, insurance agents, financial planners, registered reps, investment advisor reps, CPAs, and similar financial professionals.

Yes because it is so easy. You don’t have to be super technical to do this.

Yes if you purchase the appropriate licenses.  We offer multi-packs for small offices.  Please contact us for pricing.

Yes of course! In fact, we highly encourage it. The bigger the picture the more engaged your prospects and clients will be.

Yes. Under the File menu click “Print Detailed Report”. But note that using the software LIVE with someone is 10 times more effective than giving them a report.

Yes. Enter Assets, Investments, and Liabilities then print a one page Net Worth report.

Yes. If willing to sell the property enter it as an Investment, otherwise enter it as an Asset.  Enter rental income as a Cash Infusion.

If you later sell the property, enter that as a separate lump sum Cash Infusion in the future.

Yes both Qualified and Non-Qualified. You can also enter lifetime annuity income as a Cash Infusion.

Yes there is a Life Insurance needs tool for estimating the amount people need.  You can also enter Life Insurance proceeds as a Cash Infusion.

Yes you model the income as a Cash Infusion.

Yes enter the amount from Qualified as a Special Expense to move it out and then enter the converted amount as a Cash Infusion going into Tax Free.

Yes enter it as a Cash Infusion.  You can show it as a lumpsum sale or a multi-year buyout.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words.

It’s not confusing.

It’s simple to show clients and prospects.

You can include everything in one picture.

Long story but our founder Tim Turner was in a 401(k) plan at work and no one could help him figure out how much to save for retirement. Disappointed in the “cardboard slider” that HR gave him… he thought “why don’t we have a software program to figure this out?” That was 1993 and the idea for what is today called RetirementView was born.

RetirementView Pro is $899 annually, but we also have other payment plans. Click here for pricing.

We are only hiring sales and business development people at this time.  Send us a resume if you are interested, but make sure you put in the email two things: 1). brief description of your biggest sale ever and 2). your favorite thing about RetirementView.

RetirementView Pro is a retirement planning software program that runs on Mac® and Windows® computers. It is more secure, private, and effective than any cloud tool. Contact Us

Our clients say

“We literally doubled our production from $5MM last year to $10MM this year using the RetirementView software. Clients love it.”
Ted Phillips - GEORGIA
Investment Advisor

I doubled my closing ratio in just a couple of months using RetirementView Pro.”

Alan Cantrell - ARKANSAS
Financial Advisor, Retirement Strategies Group

“I am writing this email to show credit where credit is due. I am a licensed retirement planning professional who has used many financial software programs over my 30+ years and I find Torrid Technologies’s professional version to be the most accurate, flexible, easy for a client to understand and complete.

I recently completed a retirement plan, with a CPA, for his own retirement, who said “This is the best software I have seen so far”. If I only use the revenue that my firm received from that one plan, the cost ratio for this product is 100 to 1.
I strongly recommend any serious planner take a serious look at what this company offers.”

Financial Advisor, Today & Tomorrow Strategies

“I have checked out many Retirement Planning Software tools and this one is still my favorite. It keeps things so simple so that the client can really understand and follow along. It is hands down the best tool on the market.”

Antonio Filippone
Financial Advisor, Rockford Retirement

“Torrid Tech’s RetirementView is allowing me to open $2 to 3 MM dollars of New money a month…

Mike Savarese - CALIFORNIA
Financial Advisor
“I love the software, it is easy to use and fun to show clients. Our clients love the large easy to see graphs.”
Derek Bohne, CLU®, ChFC® - UTAH
Partner, Private Wealth Advisor

“RetirementView works perfectly with Zoom. Clients can see how their retirement is effected by different inflation rates and different rates of return. I have used RetirementView to facilitate the bucket withdrawal strategy.

My clients and I can easily see how much income they will need each year from their investments. This allows me to recommend how much money goes into the cash bucket, conservative and moderate buckets and aggressive bucket.”

William L. Pfadt, CFP, CLU, ChFC
"The most important and valuable results I have had are the "breaking of the ice" when people react because it was their own numbers used and they became more co-operative".
Joseph Pereira
Advisor, Miami, FL

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